Serving San Jose the South Bay Area

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Hi there,

I’m Patricia Madden, She/Her. I’ve been  doulaing  since 1998, and I LOVE what I do. The families I am honored to serve always amaze me with the strength and beauty they exhibit during one of the most cherished and special moments in their lives.

I am fully covid vaccinated. I am only attending Home birth at this time.

I believe that natural childbirth is the safest way to give birth.  I also believe that when the benefits outweigh the risks, medical solutions may be necessary.  I feel that it is an important role for the expectant couple to be well-informed about all interventions.  There are pros and cons for everything.  It may be quite overwhelming to sort through all the information that is out there by yourself.  One of my jobs is to help make it a little easier by helping you find the information that you are looking for so you can make your own informed decisions – before labor begins.

If you live in the San Jose/South Bay Area and would like to explore working with me as your birth doula, please contact me through my contact page, call (408) 781-1129, or e-mail me at patriciam@mac.com with your due date, Midwife, where you will be giving birth, and what you are looking for in a doula. I will get back to you ASAP.

For no extra charge, I also provide:  a TENS machine, Birth ball, Birth stool, and Picture-taking, and so much more.