My Doula Services

As part of my doula services, During Covid times I provide an initial interview with you at via face time to see if we are a good match (free of charge). If you select me as your birth doula, I also offer a Birth ball, TENS Machine, Birth stool, and informational books and videos, also free of charge.

My fee is $2,000.  Once you select me as your doula, I require a non-refundable deposit of $500 to lock in your birth month.  $1,000 will be due at the first prenatal visit.  Then, the remainder $500 is due at the last prenatal visit, or by 38 weeks.

My doula services include two/three prenatal visits where we will go over  tips and tools for your best chance at an unmedicated birth, wish list, birth plan, and any labor concerns or questions that you may have about your upcoming birth, and much more. My doula services also include unlimited phone and email contact, both prenatal and postpartum.

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